The Chula Vista Bible Baptist Church was organized on June 2, 1968 when a group of fifteen people, led by Rev. Orville M. Tuck, met at the Knights of Python Hall in National City.  They began holding services in a rented facility, Marian Hall, in Chula Vista.

              On January 12, 1969, Rev. George H. Pool, son-in-law to Rev. Tuck, became pastor and Rev. Tuck moved to Missouri.  Under the leadership of Rev. Pool, property was obtained at the present location and an auditorium was built.  It was first occupied on Wednesday, July 7, 1971 with forty-one people present for the service.

              On June 20, 1976, Dr. R. C. Wetzel became co-pastor with Rev. Pool.  From January 1, 1978, they also co-pastored the Bethel Baptist Church in Chula Vista at the same time.  In August 1979, Rev. Pool accepted a call from Grace Baptist Temple in San Antonio, Texas and he and his family moved there.  The Bethel Baptist Church then sold its properties and merged their congregation with the Bible Baptist Church on August 19, 1979.  Additional buildings were built and occupied on June 27, 1981.

              This year, 2010, Pastor Wetzel will complete 60 years of ministry in June; 50 of those in Chula Vista, and 34 of them with Bible Baptist Church.  The ministry of the Bible Baptist Church is considered a spiritual asset to the Chula Vista community which it serves.  It is independent, fundamental, and uses the King James Version of the Holy Bible.